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Asphalt is an excellent choice for driveways because it is both affordable and durable. But like any other material, it eventually wears out over time. Because of the harsh weather conditions in Columbus, Ohio, your asphalt driveway may develop cracks or potholes, which can pose a danger to your car and your family. That's why you need to hire a professional asphalt repair company like Breck's Paving to fix your driveway before further damage occurs.



  • Cracking: One of the most common types of asphalt damage is cracks. They can appear due to harsh weather conditions, such as extreme hot or cold temperatures, or poor installation. If you don't address them, cracks will only get worse over time and eventually spread to the entire driveway. A professional asphalt repair company like Brecks Paving will inspect your driveway, determine what caused the cracks, and apply a proper repair technique, such as sealcoating, crack filling or patching.

  • Potholes: Potholes are those annoying and dangerous holes that can occur in your driveway after heavy rain or snow. They pose a risk to your car’s tires and suspension system and can also cause tripping hazards for people walking on your property. If you notice any potholes on your driveway, contact Brecks Paving to have them safely repaired using a technique called 'infrared asphalt repair.' This process heats the damaged area, removes and replaces the damaged asphalt with new materials, and compacts the rest to provide a seamless repair.

  • Fading: Fading is a common problem in colder climates like Columbus, Ohio. UV rays from the sun could cause your asphalt driveway to fade or lose its color over time. While this doesn’t pose a significant risk, it can reduce your home's curb appeal, and make the driveway look outdated. To fix asphalt fading, Brecks Paving can apply a new layer of sealcoating or resurfacing.

  • Drainage Problems: Water pooling on your asphalt driveway after every rainfall is an indication that there is a risk of water damage. Improper grading and drainage can lead to costly damages to your driveway, foundation, and other parts of your home. Brecks Paving is an expert in fixing drainage problems. They will assess your driveway’s slope, administer drainage solutions, and install asphalt curbs to keep water from pooling around your property.

  • Aging: Your driveway won't last forever, no matter how well you maintain it. Over time, it will wear out and become less effective at retaining its properties, such as strength and resistance to weather. When it starts to age and deteriorate, Brecks Paving recommends upgrading the driveway by replacing it altogether.



Looking for asphalt repair in Columbus, OH? Choose Breck's Paving. We use high-quality materials and techniques for long-lasting results, no matter the size of the job. Our team is experienced and committed to customer satisfaction, working closely with you to understand your needs. Trust us for expert asphalt repair services in Columbus, OH.

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To schedule a consultation and learn more about our asphalt repair services, please contact us today. Thank you for considering Breck's Paving for your paving needs in Columbus, Ohio.

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